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Based in the DC metropolitan area, Evocent Images has teams of photographers and filmmakers, around the country.


Evocent Affectu - "To evoke emotion"

Here at Evocent Images, our number one mission is to evoke emotion in all we do. Whether it's in photos or video, capturing your moments in a way that lets you relive them any time you want, all the while evoking emotions.

Our videos and photos are your return ticket to moments otherwise gone. An older brother helping his younger brother tie his tie, the final moments in the limo with father and bride before the ceremony, a groom reading a loving note from his bride to be, a family tradition being passed on to a new generation during a reception, the moment a father sees his daughter, all grown up, and ready to walk down the aisle, a tear streaking the groom’s face as his bride approaches… Don’t let your wedding day pass without a video to capture those moments!





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